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HOUSE INVASION is an electronic DJ and Music producer by heart and soul from the Netherlands (Almere)
He was Born and raised in Surinam in the capital Paramaribo.  In 2005 House Invasion moved to the Netherlands.
As a passionate music lover he like’s different genres like Reggae / House/EDM/Techno/HipHop/R&B

His first Music Experience was at the age of one, his dad played music like Bob Marley  and Burning Spear.
Back then the record where only on vinyl. His dad said he was fascinated by the music and wanted the record to keep playing. Even when his dad passed away he caped all his vinyl collection till today. Back then he never knew his dad was an amateur DJ. Now he understands why his dad had two turntables and a mixer.
His inspiration for spinning and entertaining people started after seeing DJ Chuckie, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, laidback luke. They made the people dance and made people happy through music.

House Invasion started DJing on a professional level in 2015.
He had played in various bars and clubs in the Netherlands, and he is also a Resident DJ at
Roomevents Amsterdam.
House Invasion wanted to Take his DJing to the next level by producing music and to create his own sound and style.
He has been producing electronic music for almost three Years now and in 2020 he released his music on various platforms as:
Spotify/ Apple Music/iTunes/TikTok/Instagram/Facebook, Shazam and many more
In 2020 he signed a record deal with record label Black Bore Records

In 2021 and 2022  he signed record deals with MojoHeadz Records, Habitat Label Group, Big Boss Records, Instant Groove Records, Urban Sound of Amsterdam, S.M.A.S.H Records  

His dream is to play at a big festival for thousands of people 





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